Chamber Music Workshop Repertoire 2020

coaches2020 - 1 (1)
Coaches Jorge Martin, Olivia Haijioff, Marc Ramirez, Miho Weber, and Jon Weber

Below are the groups and assignments for the Chamber Music Workshop!  Each person is assigned to two groups with two movements to prepare.  To prepare, learn notes and rhythms and listen to as many different recordings as you can while consulting a score.  Links to imslp parts and scores are included below.

Group 1:

Bach Musical Offerings – first two movements

Dohnanyi Piano Quintet in C minor – first movement

Mozart Piano Quintet in Eb Major – Largo and Allegro Moderato

Pyotr Tchaikovsky – String Quartet no. 1 – Andante cantabile

Group 2

Beethoven Op 1 #3 Piano trio – First Movement

Brahms C Minor Piano Quartet- Andante

Debussy Trio in G Major Andante espressivo (movement before the finale)

Haydn op 33 no 6 Scherzo: Allegretto (possibly other movements too)

Haydn op 9 no 5 Cantabile Largo





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