String Orchestra Repertoire 2019




One of the beloved traditions of the Middlebury Chamber Music Festival is the sightreading orchestra party.  Professionals and amateurs sightread string orchestra scores under the baton of Maestro Jon Weber. The event is free and open to all string players!  Cellists, please bring a rock stop as the floor is very smooth.  Everyone, please bring a folding stand.  Come join the fun. Please message Emily if you would like to play and she will assign you a part!

Middlebury Chamber Music Festival
String Orchestra Reading Party
Friday, June 28, 2019 from 4 PM – 6 PM
Unity Hall, Middlebury Congregational Church
2 Main St, Middlebury, VT 05753


J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto Number 3
Print and number a part from IMSLP.

  • 1st violin:  Marc, Celia, Jeris
  • 2nd violin: Olivia, Carol, Ping
  • 3rd violin: Emily, Roxanne, Barron, Camila
  • 1st viola: Joy
  • 2nd viola: Erin,
  • 3rd viola: Katie, Carter
  • 1 cello: Christian, Kathleen
  • 2 cello: Liz, Tom
  • 3 cello: Peter, Miho, Ashley
  • Bass:  Ron White
  • Cembalo: Linda

G.F. Handel Concerto Grosso Opus 6, No. 3
Print and number a part from IMSLP.

  • Violin 1 concertino: Emily, Olivia
  • Violin 2 concertino: Celia, Marc
  • Violin 1 ripieno: Jeris, Ping, Camila
  • Violin 2 ripieno: Carol, Barron, Roxanne
  • Viola: Erin, Katie, Carter, Joy
  • Cello Concertino: Liz, Miho
  • Cello: Tom, Peter, Christian, Kathleen, Ashley
  • Bass:  Ron White
  • Cembalo: Becky

Joseph Haydn, Cello Concerto in C Major1st movement
Solo Cellist, Miho Weber
Print and Number Parts: Haydn_violin1, Haydn_Violin2, Haydn_viola, Haydn_cello

  • Violin 1: Olivia, Celia, Ping, Camila
  • Violin 2: Marc, Barron, Carol, Emily, Roxanne
  • Viola:  Erin, Katie, Carter, Joy
  • Cello:  Miho, Tom, Peter, Christian, Kathleen, Liz, Ashley
  • Bass: Ron White

Mimi Rabson Mimi’s Minor Mambo
Parts will be supplied on the day.  Featuring Soloists Jeris and Carol!

Leroy Anderson Jazz Pizzicato
Parts will be supplied on the day.


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